Instructions for authors


Instructions for Authors

1. All works must be unpublished and not under consideration for publication in another journal. The original manuscript should be sent by e-mail to:

2. Manuscripts written in English will be accepted.

3. File format:
Text: Microsoft Word 97, 2003 , 2007 (.doc and .docx). OpenOffice (.odt).
Figures and images: minimum 300 dpi (600 dpi recommended), in tiff, png or jpg format (with low compression).
File names must be descriptive of the contents ("Figure1.tif", "manuscript.doc", etc).
4. Figures and tables can be included in the text. In addition, they should be sent in files of the highest possible quality. If the quality of the figures or images is insufficient, the article may be rejected.
5. The first page should contain the title, authors, affiliation and e-mail address of the responsible author. In addition, this page will include a brief summary of the work (maximum of 10 lines). A maximum of six keywords should also be included.

6. Sections.
We recommend that articles contain the following sections: Introduction, Materials and methods, Results and discussion, Conclusions and Bibliography. However, they can be adapted according to the needs of the subject dealt with.

7. References.
References in the text will be identified with a number between brackets in order of appearance in the text and at the end will be detailed in its section, in the form:
[1] Smith, J. and McDonald, R.; Article title. Name of journal, number (year) home page - final page.
[2] Gonzalez Garcia, E.; "Book Title," publisher, place of publication (year).
[3] Ferreira, J.; "Title of the book", publisher, place of publication (year) home page - final page.

8. Prior to acceptance, all papers will be reviewed by two experts in the field, who may recommend rejection.
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